Bankruptcy Questions

Questions to Ask Before Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy should be the very last resort in trying to resolve your debt problems. Of course, there will be some people, for whom this is the only option that is left available to them. But for others, it may just seem like an easy way out of all of their debt related problems.

Filling in the bankruptcy forms is easy. Only after doing so, will the pain and headaches really begin. Once you file for bankruptcy, you will have to lay yourself completely open to investigation. This means that all of your financial situations, as well as an inventory of everything you own that can be considered an asset will be assessed and discussed in open court.

Your creditors, will more than likely, not be happy with your decision to file for bankruptcy, as it means that they will not see very much of the money that you owe them. You may find that they are prepared to put up a good fight as to why you should not be declared bankrupt.

Bankrupcy Questions to Consider:

  • What are your current debts?
  • Would a payment plan help?
  • Would simply consolidating loans help?
  • What are your current assets?
  • Would selling off the assets yourself enable you to avoid bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy comes with a cash price, as well as an emotional one. Court fees have to be paid, and you will probably need an attorney to argue your case for you. They will also have to be paid. Some of your assets will be seized and sold off to pay off some of your debt. Most states will allow you to keep your primary residence and a car, but this will depend on where you are.

Once you are declared bankrupt, the debt collectors will stop hassling you, and you may find that you are sleeping better at night. But it can take up to ten years to repair your credit rating again. You will not have access to credit cards or other forms of loans. This, may be a good thing, as it was these that may have led you into the situation that you are in now. Learning to do without them, should prove a fruitful lesson for the future.

Filing for bankruptcy comes at a price. It will take you years to recover from it. It is never the easy way out many people think that it is. However, if you think it is the only way out of your problems, you need to carefully weigh up all the options before you file those papers.

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