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Brokerage World News:

The Pope's challenge to the free market
Pope Francis has spoken often about income inequality and the economy, but what isn't clear is whether he is a capitalist, socialist or something in between.

Wall Street's spring break reading list
So what is Wall Street reading in its down time? Likely something from the annual list prepared for traders and bankers by David Lutz.

Wealthy investors flock to fine art funds
Wealthy investors are piling into art investment funds, sending the value of international art sales soaring.

Americans have fallen in love with real estate once again
According to Gallup, Americans think real estate is the best long-term investment. Unfortunately, they're wrong.

Chipotle: Prices going up
Chipotle's burrito boom continues, but prices are going up

Meet CNNMoney's new Tech 30 stock index
CNNMoney has created a portfolio of the 30 most important technology stocks on the planet that you can track every day.

Stocks end week up over 2%
Stocks gain ahead of the holiday weekend despite IBM, Google and Chipotle sell-offs

Big banks lend to corporations over consumers
Lending was up in the first quarter, but that jump has hidden the fact that individuals are still having a tough time getting loans.

The Divergent trend: Bad for stocks
Read full story for latest details.

Weibo shares pop 19% in IPO
The Chinese social media company sees solid demand in its initial public offering, offering some hope for other Chinese technology companies hoping to list in the United States.




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